We all love to get pampered. If you are a fur parent, you must know how they love to be pampered! Your Affection and care can reduce their stress and relax them. You may give your pup routine grooming but they want something more from you.

Give your fur baby something special! Yes! Pamper your pup with a pet spa. It will give your dog the best grooming experience with a full day of relaxation. If you have never tried it before, this blog will show you why you should bring your fur child to a spa day and which services you should expect from a pet spa in San Mateo. Keep reading!

Why Should You Bring Your Dog to a Pet Spa?

Pet-specific treatments and services depend on their needs. However, here are the most common services they receive from a pet spa.

1.   Pedicure

No matter how hard we try to control our pets, they love to run around and get dirty. Constantly running around makes their feet dirty as they can’t wear shoes like us. That is why they need extra care for their feet. Pet spa offers pedicures for your pup. Not only that their professional groomer will also trim your pup’s nail to a comfortable length.

2.   Fur Care

Fur issues are common among most furry pets. Fur care is another essential service that you can expect from a pet spa in San Mateo. This will give your pet a more comfortable lifestyle as they need. According to your pet’s requirements, professional groomers offer you several fur care services which include trimming, conditioning, shampooing, and de-matting.

3.   Styling

Pet Spa will also offer you fur styling! If you want to design your pup’s fur in a specific way, they will provide you with several options on which your dog will be comfortable. Choose your style according to your pup’s fur texture and they will give your dog an attractive look.

4.   Facial

If you want to give your dog a good appearance and look brighter with healthier skin, a facial is the best option for you. Some pet spas in San Mateo offer dog-specific facial services while others usually don’t. The ingredients used here will not only help to improve your dog’s skin but also remove the tier signs from their face.


So, are you ready to select the best pet spa for your dogs? Your buddy deserves the best! The above-mentioned information will surely help you to make an informed decision about choosing a pet spa for your canine companion. If you’re looking for the best pet spa in San Mateo, reach out to us for further information.

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