Grooming Store Policies Regarding Payment & Cancellations

Health: All pets must have current rabies vaccinations and Bordetella Vaccinations We reserve the right to decline to serve pets that are not current on vaccinations. Dog who just receive vaccination shot should wait 48 hours to receive our service.

Pets with communicable diseases will not be groomed until 14 days after their last treatment. Please let us know immediately if you notice any behavioral or physical problems in your dog after his/her grooming appointment. We cannot take responsibility for problems reported to us more than 24 hours after grooming. If you think you may need to take your pet to the vet, please contact us before you do so.

Flea: luffy Doggy is a flea-free dog grooming salon, but we understand that we can not totally avoid fleas on our pets especially during summertime. We would greatly appreciate it if you can apply topical or other flea prevention products to your dog on a regular basis. You will need to notify our staff before check-in in your dog if he/she has flea otherwise fluffy doggy has the right to return the dog and refuse the service. A $15 additional charge will be applied for the flea shampoo usage.

Show up Late:  In order to schedule our grooming appointment for the convenience of our clients, we appreciate it if you can make your appointment on time. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you show up late more than 15 minutes.

Cancellation notice: In order to schedule grooming appointments for the convenience of our clients, we must make maximum use of every appointment slot. Clients who cancel fewer than 24 hours before their appointment or who do not show up for a scheduled appointment will be rescheduled only if other clients have been accommodated We may charge a $50 “no show” fee and we reserve the right to decline future appointments for clients who fail to keep a scheduled appointment three times in a calendar year without adequate prior notice.

Late pickup: All pets brought in for grooming must be picked up within two hours of the time the client is informed the pet is ready. Pets remaining after that time be charged a half-day fee of $22. We reserve the right to decline future appointments for clients who fail to pick up their pet on time on more than one occasion. The store is closed at 5 pm, if the pet is not been picked up by 5 pm and we could not get hold of the owner, the pet will be placed at our Dog Hotel in San Mateo, and it will incur a $65 boarding fee.

De-matting fee: Heavily matted pets require additional time to either brush out or shave.
A dematting fee of $1 may be charged for every minute required to dematted pets. Since Dematting is very stressful for the pet, a maximum of 30 min will be used on each dog, and if your dog is extra matted, a shave will be required and we will inform you either before his/her appointment or call you before his trim.

Preparation fee: Heavily matted pets may need to be shaved prior to bathing. A charge of $15-$50 may be added for the additional time required to do so.

Behavioral issues:  We will make every attempt to groom uncooperative pets, but we may not be able to complete grooming on pets that pose a threat to themselves, other pets, or our groomers. We reserve the right to decline a return appointment for pets whose behavior makes it unsafe for us to groom them.

Payment: Payment is due when service is rendered.